Is it possible to believe that switching off one light in your home will eventually bring down all forms of dirty energy and reverse the effects of climate change and replace it with clean renewable energy. It will happen if you and the millions of other folks using electricity want it to happen.

The dark shadow of radioactive ‘garbage’ having to be protected and managed for thousands of years is so overwhelming a thought that it brings pain to the hearts of everyone having the awareness...our children, and the children of 7 generations into the future, will have to deal with the poison .......the corporations who now own and operate nuclear facilities will in time turn their backs and declare bankruptcy; the CEOs will walk away leaving us their mess......and enjoying cash bonuses as they walk.......


It is time to rise up, in the comfort of your own living room, and switch that light off....and then, open your 'creative self' up to what other ideas you can imagine that will bring the concept of conservation of energy to your family, friends and community.

Technology will not save us, solar, wind and geothermal does not offer “conservation” as an alternative to our energy consumption needs because there are no profits in saving energy........all that is needed is a reduction of 11% electricity and nuclear power is eliminated. Can switching off one light in your home do it?......YES!

Citizens in Japan have begun to respond to their nuclear disaster with conservation. Click here to read the Article: In Japan, People Get Charged Up About Amping Down