About Wattless Wednesday

Please consider, “pulling the plug” on your electrical usage each and every Wednesday, so that the corporate/state can understand that, the citizenry is prepared to conserve electrical power, and will continue to conserve energy, until all dirty, destructive and unsafe forms of electrical generating facilities are decommissioned (coal & nuclear) and replaced with clean, safe, renewable sources of power.

It is understood that there will be different levels of energy conservation each Wednesday depending upon individual needs. Some of us can successfully achieve a complete blackout of all electricity while others will only be able to accomplish a partial reduction. Once aware of electrical energy conservation however, it is believed that our energy usage will continue to decrease as we learn how to use energy more efficiently.

We must continue to influence our elected officials and safety boards with letters and phone calls, emails and public protest over the operation of these outdated, dirty and dangerous sources of energy. It is thought that our conservation efforts will have an impact on profits and projected plans of the public utilities, and therefore be an integral component for shutting down dirty, unsafe energy sources.

We must all take action to reduce our energy consumption and to both identify and resolve issues of waste that are within our sphere of influence to do so.

We invite you to participate in our efforts to bring down the levels of energy usage and by sharing ideas and practices that you have successfully integrated into your life with us. Encouraging community participation and cooperation with WattlessWednesday.org will bring us closer together and make a meaningful contribution to the quality of all our lives and those of future generations.